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In this video, a patient highlighted how acupuncture treatment helped his toothache and headache. He described one of his treatments for his headache was miracle.

Infertility treatment

Dear all,  big congratulations to a couple who are expecting a baby after taking our treatment. Both of them started a course of acupuncture and herbal treatment on 16/10/2019. We all are very excited with the happy news. Today the wife kindly wrote a review for us as below.

Skin Problems, "amazing results"

When I was suffering from constant boils  on my skin, I went to see the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. They did not help at all. Then I started drinking herbal tea for a course of 5 weeks. The results were amazing. The boils gradually stopped and began healing. I felt more energy internally and the tea also helped me to sleep better. I felt more relaxed when whilst drinking the tea. My skin has also cleared and I feel so much better. The tea began to work instantly and within the first 7-10 days I noticed a difference. 


Sexual health improved 50% after treatments

Mr.A has suffered from erectile dysfunction for 3 years. His GP told him that his sexual problems were caused by his diabetic medication as he has had diabetes for 5 years. His GP prescribed Viagra but he didn’t like to take it due to the side effects. 

Mr. A came to us and asked for help. During consultation, We told him his problems were related to imbalance of internal energy. The treatment aims to restore the balance to enhance the sexual energy without any side effects.  Not like Viagra, our treatment might take a while to work.  Mr. A understood his problems and our treatment. He decided to take both acupuncture and  Chinese herbal medicine. Mr. A felt 50% better after 5 weeks of treatment and he was very happy with the results. He wrote us a lovely note to thank us for our help. We are very glad that we had helped him using all natural treatments.  

Skin problem of a 3 year old girl

A three year old girl started with ring shaped red rash on her face 5 days before she came to see me. She was taken to see her GP at the beginning and was given anti-fungal cream. After using the cream, the girl developed a red rash all over her face. The skin was very itchy and some liquid came out after being scratched. The girl was taken to see the dermatologist and was given oral steroids to take. The red rash on her face spread all over her body. The girl’s mum was so worried and took her to see me. I told the mum the skin rash in her daughter’s case was caused by toxin or pathogenic factors in her body. The chemical cream and steroids are not working because none of them can expel the toxin. They would  retain the pathogenic factors inside the body instead and depress the skin immunity. The side effects of the chemicals can also not be ignored.  I suggested that she can try to take herbal medicine  to expel  the toxin. The herbs are very gentle and safe but they need to be boiled in water to make tea to drink. The taste of the herbal tea is not pleasant. I was not sure if the girl could drink it or not. The mum said she would find a way to make her drink as she was fed up with seeing her daughter suffering. I gave her one week supply of herbs. One week after, I met the mum and daughter on the street. I didn’t recognize them until the mum came over and hugged me. She said to me, “you see my daughter there is no rash now. Thank you so much”.  I looked down at the girl and really, I couldn’t see any sign of redness on her skin. The mum wrote down her experience for me as below.

A Skin problem for 20 years getting better after 5 weeks of herbal treatment

Miss C. has developed a skin rash all over her body for 20 years, particularly on her face and neck. It was itchy, burning and sore. Her conditions were diagnosed as eczema and allergies. She used all sorts of creams and they were not working. She came to us for help. I checked her and told her to not use any creams as her skin problems were caused by internal imbalance. I suggested to her to take herbal treatment. After taking 4 weeks of herbal treatment, her skin conditions have been significantly improved. She sent me some photos to show her skin both before and after treatment. She told me that the skin is normal now. She only has a bit of itching around the area marked by the blue pen. But it’s not as red.

After 4 weeks of treatment

skin condition before treatment

Skin Condition before treatment

"Sore calf muscle fully recovered.. Sinus problem I have had for over 30 years has been significantly improved"

I first visited Dr Yao for treatment of a sore calf muscle. After asking a few questions and a brief physical examination, Dr Yao recommended a whole sessions of acupuncture treatment and some balm oil. 

The treatment has been fantastic. My sore calf muscle is fully recovered. The other benefits have been improved digestion, reduced anxiety and a sinus problem I have had for over 30 years has been significantly improved. I strongly recommend Dr Yao. 


A headache that lasted for 5 years was improved by 70% only after 1 week’s treatment​

Miss J. had had a headache every day for 5 years. It was usually on the right side of her head but sometimes it could be on the whole head. She described the pain as “a dull/stabbing pain”. She had all sorts of tests and scans. She was told that the inflammation marker in her blood test was too high.  She had taken a lot of different painkillers and they were not working. She came to us and started to take a herbal treatment for the course of 5 weeks. It was amazing when she showed improvement to our treatment and she said she felt 70% better after one week’s treatment. Now she has finished 3 weeks of treatment and she told us she doesn’t have a headache every day. Sometimes the headache is only little and the pain doesn’t last long. So she scored a 80% improvement.

Neck / Shoulder pain​

Mr R came to us because of a neck and shoulder pain. The pain was burning; it felt like it came from deep inside the bones. Meanwhile, the pain radiated down to his left arm. He also complained about the numbness on his right thumb. The pain badly disturbed his sleep and he had to wake up every hour. He’s been diabetic for 15 years and his mouth often feels dry. The X-Ray results showed that the C3,C4,C5 vertebrae had slipped out of position. He had taken different pain killers but was not feeling any better. The hospital doctors told him that the only remaining option was operation. But it would be highly risky in his conditions and he might get paralysed after operation.

Mr.R started to take a course of a six week treatment including both acupuncture and herbs. On the first week after treatment, he only felt a slight reduction of pain, and still had a broken sleep every hour. But on the second week, the numbness on his right thumb was getting much better, and he could sleep for four hours without waking up. The third week was the turning point; he felt that his shoulder pain and his left arm pain were much better. He said the pain was constantly there before the treatment, but now it comes and goes, particularly the burning sensation which had significantly reduced. Even when he still has pain, it hasn’t lasted long. He also felt amazed that his dry mouth was much better. He was very satisfied with the outcome of our treatment and sent us a thank-you card.

Pompholyx Eczema and Nerve pain on Feet, Knee pain​

Mrs. K had had skin problems on both her feet for 10 months. It normally started with blisters on her feet with intensive itchiness with feelings of burning and pins and needles. She was diagnosed with “Pompholys Eczema” and “Nerve ending pain” by her GP. She was given steroid tablets to take for 1 week, and steroid cream to use. Not wanting to rely on steroids cream, she came for treatment. We gave her both acupuncture and herbs, and at the same time treated her knee pain.  She saw a big improvement after treatment and happily wrote her experience for us.

Mr H. suffering from Sinusitis

Mr. H (89 year old) has had block nose and dry eyes for 10 years. He went to see his GP and was diagnosed as sinusitis. He was given a spray to use. But there was no any improvement. After we examined him and made Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, we told him and his wife about our herbal medicine treatment plan. We told him that we would give him bags of mixed herbs which were tailor made for him, and he would need to boil the herbs with water every day and make tea or soup to drink. The taste might be very bitter. He said he wouldn’t mind the taste as long as it would make him better. He has taken the treatment for 4 weeks now and is very happy with the results. His wife kindly wrote down the progress in her words as below.to the left.

Mrs A suffering from infertility

Mrs. A (36 year old) has been trying for a baby for 7 years. She had a history of ectopic pregnancy. She has taken herbal medicine from us on and off since 2010. We had told her that it would be more effective if she could carry on the treatment without any break. She said she felt very happy with the treatment but it would be difficult for her to commit herself to come on a more regular base. She said she refused to take IVF offered by NHS as she had a strong brief in natural treatment. Oh bless her, she finally got pregnant! She came today and happily showed off her big tummy. She is 5 month pregnant!

Mrs sufering from weight problem

Just when we opened the shop this early morning, a woman came in with a big smile to say hello to us and asked us if we could remember her. She told us she came here twice and bought two boxes of herbal tea each time. She lost half a stone within one month. Since she came here and talked to us, she started to eat healthier. She used to skip breakfast, feeling tired. But now she is having a good breakfast as we suggested. We often tell our patients about the importance of three regular meals a day. We would suggest to our patients when and how to eat according to their individual needs. She told us she is doing what we suggested and she feels and has more energy. She came here today to buy some different herbal tea to maintain her health. She is happy to leave notes for us.

Mr K Suffering from Back Pain

Mr. K came here with a severe back pain on 30th of June. He had had lower back pain for four years. But the pain had become severe for three weeks before he came to see us. The pain started from his lower back and went down to the back of his right leg. It was often worse on the right side. He went to see his GP and was given pain killers to take. He was also referred to a physio, but he felt worse afterwards. He then decided to take acupuncture treatment after he had a consultation with us. After the 1st session, he felt slightly less pain on his back but no obvious relief on the leg. After the 2nd session, he felt much less pain on both back and leg. He started to feel more confident with the treatment. After the 4th session, his leg pain was gone and he only occasionally got slight back pain. He went back to his job as a mechanic. He carried on and had 7 sessions in total. He finished his treatment with complete satisfaction. We also felt happy for him. Here are the words he left for us.

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