Mr. H (89 year old) has had block nose and dry eyes for 10 years. He went to see his GP and was diagnosed as sinusitis. He was given a spray to use. But there was no any improvement. After we examined him and made Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, we told him and his wife about our herbal medicine treatment plan. We told him that we would give him bags of mixed herbs which were tailor made for him, and he would need to boil the herbs with water every day and make tea or soup to drink. The taste might be very bitter. He said he wouldn’t mind the taste as long as it would make him better. He has taken the treatment for 4 weeks now and is very happy with the results. His wife kindly wrote down the progress in her words as below.


Mrs. A (36 year old) woman has been trying for a baby for 7 years. She had a history of ectopic pregnancy. She has taken herbal medicine from us on and off since 2010. We had told her that it would be more effective if she could carry on the treatment without any break. She said she felt very happy with the treatment but it would be difficult for her to commit herself to come on a more regular base. She said she refused to take IVF offered by NHS as she had a strong brief in natural treatment. Oh bless her, she finally got pregnant! She came today and happily showed off her big tummy. She is 5 month pregnancy!

Nausea and Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Ailsa from Bradford Community Radio came to interview Dr.Zhang with regards to morning sickness in pregnancy. Dr.Zhang suggested using natural remedies to relief morning sickness instead of using drugs. “Fresh Ginger is one of the safest and easiest remedies to relieve nausea”, she said, “You just use a thin slice of ginger and keep it in your mouth whenever you feel sick. It can gently relieve nausea. Or you can boil one or two thin slices of ginger with water and make ginger tea to drink.”

Weight Loss

Just when we opened the shop this early morning, a woman came in with a big smile to say hello to us and asked us if we could remember her. She told us she came here twice and bought two boxes of herbal tea each time. She lost half a stone within one month. Since she came here and talked to us, she started to eat healthier. She used to skip breakfast, feeling tired. But now she is having a good breakfast as we suggested. We often tell our patients about the importance of three regular meals a day. We would suggest to our patients when and how to eat according to their individual needs. She told us she is doing what we suggested and she feels and has more energy. She came here today to buy some different herbal tea to maintain her health. She is happy to leave notes for us.

Back Pain

Mr. K came here with a severe back pain on 30th of June. He had had lower back pain for four years. But the pain had become severe for three weeks before he came to see us. The pain started from his lower back and went down to the back of his right leg. It was often worse on the right side. He went to see his GP and was given pain killers to take. He was also referred to a physio, but he felt worse afterwards. He then decided to take acupuncture treatment after he had a consultation with us. After the 1st session, he felt slightly less pain on his back but no obvious relief on the leg. After the 2nd session, he felt much less pain on both back and leg. He started to feel more confident with the treatment. After the 4th session, his leg pain was gone and he only occasionally got slight back pain. He went back to his job as a mechanic. He carried on and had 7 sessions in total. He finished his treatment with complete satisfaction. We also felt happy for him. Here are the words he left for us.