Herbal Medicine

The essence of Chinese herbal medicine involves using a herbal formula for treatment instead of using a single herb often found in some other forms of herbalism or western medicine.  Herbal formula is a combination of different herbs prescribed according to TCM(traditional chinese medicine) diagnosis. The purpose of this formula is to achieve a balance of Yin-Yang. The Herbal formula usually contains between  four to twenty herbs. Different herbs can present different properties such as Cold, Hot, Cool, Warm and Neutral. They can perform different functions and can act on different meridians or channels in the body.  Only when they are properly combined to match the conditions of each patient, the maximum clinical effectiveness of the herbal formula can be achieved.

We mainly offer herbal formula in the form of a mixture of raw herbs. Those raw herbs must be cooked to   make herbal tea for patient to drink. This tea is called decoction and it allows the optimal absorption of herbal medicine within one’s body.

The herbs we use include flowers, leaves, seeds and roots. They are very safe to use and have no side effects. Many  can even be used in cooking for health cultivation.

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