Fighting Coronavirus

Traditional Chinese Medicine has played an important role in China’s success against Coronavirus. Many patient in China has received treatment using Herbal medicine. The experience in China has shown drinking herbal tea at early stage will both reduce the severity of symptoms as well as shorten your recovery time. In Chinnherbs, we can provide both Prevention Tea and Treatment Tea.

1) Prevention Tea 

In Prevention stage, you haven’t developed any obvious flu-like symptoms yet. The Prevention Tea is formulated in this stage to prevent cold, flu and the virus. It contains a mixtures of dry herbs which  are very safe and gentle, suitable for both adults and children.

You only need to put the herbs in a flask and fill it with just boiling water. The tea is then ready to drink after brewing around 10 minutes. You can drink the tea one or two days per week, or as often as you like.

The price of the Prevention Tea is £20 for 7 packs.

Many customs have already used our Prevention Tea. They like it and find it helpful.  

2) Treatment Tea

In this stage, you’ve already developed flu-like symptoms. Please immediately call us for a telephone consultation. Normally we will ask you to send us a photo of your tongue. We will then be able to make TCM diagnosis and prescribe Treatment Tea which contains a mixture of herbs according to our diagnosis. We will give you instructions for how to make the Treatment Tea. 

The price of Treatment Tea is £42 for 7 packs. 

Most of our patients who had recently developed flu-like symptoms felt better within one week of using our tea.

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