Welcome to  Chinn Herbs and Acupuncture. We have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Bradford since 2008.

TCM is an ancient holistic healing system that has been developed over thousands of years. Why is it still working for us today? The answer is because TCM is rooted in natural laws. It does sound simple but is also very profound. If you want to know more about TCM, go to ATCM website.

The most commonly used TCM treatment methods involve Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine. We practice both of them.  We formulate a TCM treatment plan for each patient, taking into account all their signs, symptoms, medical history and lifestyles in order  to get to the root of the patient’s complaint while alleviating the symptoms. We’ve already helped thousands of patients with a variety of problems such as all kinds of pain, infertility, skin problems, digestion problems, cold, cough, hay fever, women or men’s problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and  other complex conditions.  We always empower our patients with basic TCM knowledge and  give advice to patients about  diet, exercise and healthy life styles during treatment. We believe prevention is the best cure.

If you have any enquiries related to your health, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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